Free Time


    After the band started in 1977, the two remaining original members Rick and Rex have reunited. The orginal bass player Mike Greer left shortly after the start of the band to venture out on his own. That was when Jim Lynch was brought into the fold. 
    Jim, the Bass Player, was 15 years old when he started with the band. Ron Brucki, the original manager, was very instramental in their begining success...
. When the band split up Jim went to Hollywood to pursue his music career. Many other band members came and left such as Steve Conour, Ken Whaley, Chirs Conway, and Greg Capes. On Jims return to the Rochelle area, he started another sucsessful band. 

    Before Rick, Rex, and Jim could reunite, Jim unfortunately passed away. He was dearly loved by all, one hell of a bass player, and will always be with them in their hearts and in their music. 
    The one thing that will remain constant from the cornfields of Northern Illinois is Rick And Rex. And they will still be known as FREE TIME.

                                Nothin' fancy, Just Rock N Roll

Current Band Members:

Rick Sullivan

Lead Guitar and Vocals

    • Chuck Berry
    • BB King
    • Muddy Waters
    • Jimmy Hendrix
    • ZZ Top
    • Ted Nugent
    • Led Zepplin
    • Black sabbeth
    • Elvis Presly

Rex Corson

Percusion and Vocals

    • Keith Moon
    • Jon Bonham
    • Ginger Baker
    • The Who
    • Led Zepplin
    • Cream
    • ZZ Top
    • Deep Purple
    • Black Sabbeth
    • Rush

Steve Dean

Bass and Vocals

    • Tom Petty
    • Foghat
    • 38 Special
    • Megadeth
    • Black Sabbeth
    • Metallica
    • Judas Priest
Darren Corson - Sound Engineer
Maria Corson Ragle - Drum Tech
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